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Honyu is the best solution for you if you are looking for a Sportswear Sewing Machine. You might have experienced other Machines also for Sportswear like Juki.

But, would you be amazed to see that Honyu is now providing a better quality sewing machine with cost-effective features?

Go through the below best choices for you.

Honyu Machines for Sportswear

There are two types of machines available that you can take into consideration for the Sportswear Sewing task.

·       Cylinder bed, single-needle compound feed sewing machine | HY-1341

·       Direct drive cylinder bed, single-needle compound feed sewing machine | HY-1341B-7

We discuss these both sewing machines a little bit more about their features

Features of HY-1341B-7

·       Built-in direct-drive motor & pneumatic control module and a large horizontal spindle structure.

·       Classical automatic function improves the sewing efficiency, such as auto trimming, auto back tacking and pneumatic presser foot lifting.

·       Easily adjust presser foot through a button, it's more productive and convenient.

·       Three parts compound feed construction make sure feed smoothly while sewing heavy or complicated material, and difficult to move for upper and lower material.

·       It's suitable for bags, filter bags, football and any tube shape products, or small material sewing.


Features of HY-1341

·       It's equipped with a large horizontal hook, can sew maximum thread of 9 strands of nylon.

·       Adjust the alternating amount of presser foot by hand, convenient for clambing over the thick spots.

·       Three parts of compound feed construction make sure to feed smoothly while sewing heavy or complicated material and difficult to move for upper and lower material.

·       It's suitable for bags, filter bags, football, and any tube shape products, or small material sewing.



There are a lot of reasons to consider the HONYU Sewing machine for various purposes. But, for Sportswear sewing purpose, the following might be the reason that you can contemplate while choosing HONYU,

·       Budget-Friendly

·       International Availability

·       Online Instant Quote service

·       Fast Delivery

Football Sewing Machine

Honyu provides the best solution for the people who want to buy bulk sewing machines for sewing Football from China.

Our sewing machines HY-1341 and HY-1341B-7 are both compatible with sewing Footballs. All you need to do is to get an instant quote by contacting us.

Our HY-1341B-7 is a full-fledged machine if you want to sew Footballs quickly and with quality.

Best Bags Sewing Machine

Sewing all kind of sports bags are made easy by HY-1341 and HY-1341B-7. HY-1341 is specially designed to sew Sports Bags.

It has a large horizontal bed to provide ease to sew large Sports Bags easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HONYU trusted?

There have been almost 17+ years that HONYU is providing ease to people by designed best and reliable Sewing Machines.

It is highly trusted by thousands of clients from all over the world.

How will machines be delivered?

You first need to get a quote from our highly cooperative team. And, after slecting the machines and placing your order, it may take about ten days usually to deliver the order right at your doorstep?

Can International people place orders?

Off course. People from other countries are highly appreciated to check the specifications of our sewing machines and make an order. There are thousands of clients already from the USA, UK, Germany, Europe, India, and Turkey.

You can join these people also, just try our Quality Products once.

Is it secure to order online?

Yeah, it is. Our website uses a valid SSL certificate to enhance the security of the website. Our website is encrypted over HTTPS, and it means that it is fully secure now to get Quotes and Place Orders online.