Hon Yu star model won the third prize of outstanding theme exhibits




During the preparation for CISMA 2015, the CISMA 2015 excellent exhibitsintroduction activity which is organized by China Sewing Machinery Associationis proceeding  efficiently. This introduction is aimed at showing thetopic of intellegent sewing solution and encouraging the related enterprise topresent new intellegent products which combine intellectual property, hightechnology and direction.    

Finally,43 kinds of new products are win in the introduction. Guangdong ZhongshanHuachen Eletrical Technology Co., Ltd have got the third prize of excellentexhibits by the program control ruffling sewing machine HY-550-12-1510.

Marketingvice manager Mr. Dongning Yang (the 3rd from right side as below) isaccepting the prize of the excellent exhibits in the award ceremony on thefirst morning.

Now you shoule wonder why themachine HY-550-12-1510 (program control ruffling sewing machine) can win thethird prize in these exhibits. Let me introduce its specification:

1. When processing interiors withou pad, the operation ofabutted seam sewing and ruffling can be further completed.

2. HY-550-12-1510 is a specialruffling sewing machine refitted on the basis of the sewing machine HY-1510N-7.The special ruffling operation tallies with the need of ruffling process oninteriors by its more rational operability.

3.Through the rufflingdevice and program controlling, the machine can be set at different sewingsections. It will crinkle up either upper or lower layer, and can make samedensity or different one.

4. This kind of sewing machine issuitable for sewing of car seat cover, sofa, office chair, bed in knit, etc.

Now you should wonder what is HY-550-12-1510( program control ruffling sewing machine)? Ready go!

Finally, let us show the special photo for the star productclosely.