Monthly summary and "professional talent" sharing meeting




Monthly summary and "professional talent" sharing meeting

Winter comes quietly with his breeze

The streets are full of cold wind

Welcome Huachen company (Hanyu sewing machine)

Monthly summary and "professional talent" sharing meeting

Let the cold winter feel warm

Time flies. 2018 is the end. Today is the monthly summary meeting of Hanyu sewing machine,At the same time, it is also a summary and sharing meeting of three-month "professional talents" learning.


Team PK competition


The members are more friendly and the team vitality is improved


For team members

Win others' trust and trust others at the same time


Unity is power

The winning team got a small gift


Summary and sharing of professional talents


Classmate's quotation 1: everything is the best arrangement

All the students in the group are optimistic and positive, full of family warmth. Thanks to Assistant Professor Zou Hu, who treats each of our students with a serious, rigorous, enthusiastic, careful and responsible attitude. Every time he talked with his coach on the phone for more than the prescribed time, he still wanted to talk. Every time he spoke on the phone, he was enthusiastic about guidance. So thanksgiving "everything is the best arrangement.".

Quotations from classmates 2: creating possibility

Although we know that life is in motion, we never give up action. The learning of professional talents has changed all these things. I like running since I started to finish my task. I have gained the joy of breaking my limit after sweating. I can't drink alcohol if I want to run. I can't believe the change. The key to creating possibility is to create and work hard. It's like The weekend two days to complete more than 100 pieces of clothing, after everyone's efforts to finally create a possibility to become a reality.

Classmate's quotation 3: put down your mobile phone and do something more meaningful

In the era of big data, all apps will push your favorite information to you according to your reading records, which will make you want to give up and consume a lot of our time on mobile phones. Three days without mobile phones, there is plenty of time. In addition to quietly thinking about problems, there is also time to pick up books that you carry with you, which makes sense.


Monthly summary + general comments of Li



Basketball Friendship Match



A big picture

For this sharing meeting

Draw a perfect full stop