Program control, double needle, rotary needle bar, compound feed sewing machine | HY-550-1560B

  • Model No.


    Feeding system

    Alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding

    Max sewing speed 

    200 s.p.m

    Shuttle diameter


    Applied needle

    DP×17 #18-#23

    Thread size

    Maximum thread 9 strands nylon

    Max stitch length


    Max alternating presser foot


    Max presser foot lifting height


    Auto back tacking

    Presser foot lifting height by air

    DL function

    Pneumatic front halving device

    Touching screen control

    Operation space


    Product Description:

    1. It is been controlled the frontal sewing, back tacking, zero stitch length and rotary needle bar by the program. According to the permutation and combination, it can sew different kind of decoration pattern stitch.

    2. It’s set 72 kinds of patterns for single needle and double needle. The operator can change the pattern by touching screen, it is simple to operate.

    3. Own stitch design can be created and stored via touching panel.

    4. With the functions of adjusting alternating amount of presser foot instantaneously, pneumatic presser foot lifting, pneumatic front halving device and other practical functions.

    5. It’s equipped standard 8mm of needle gauge.


    Typical Field of Application:

    Pattern stitch of decoration process for soft furniture and car interior.

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The digital sewing machine controls the frontal sewing, back tacking, zero stitch length and rotary needle bar, for various decoration pattern stitch.