Program control, differential ruffling, abutted seam sewing machine | HY-550-12-1510

  • Model No.


    Feeding system

    Alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding

    Max sewing speed 

    2000 s.p.m

    Shuttle diameter


    Applied needle

    DP×17 #18-#23

    Max stitch length


    Max alternating presser foot


    Max presser foot lifting height


    Auto trimming

    Auto oil system

    Auto back tacking

    Presser foot lifting height by air

    DL function

    Touching screen control

    Operation space


    Product Description:

    1. It can set the ruffling density for two layers on the screen, it realized the standardization of ruffling density when the two layers material are stitched together, the upper and lower layers can be ruffled at the same time or the upper and lower layers can be ruffled separately, so that achieve the standardization of ruffling density.

    2. When processing non-padded interiors, the abutted seam sewing and wrinkle operations can be completed in one step.

    3. The functions of auto back tacking, pneumatic presser foot lifting, adjusting instantaneously internal and external presser foot alternating amount make the daily sewing easier and more efficient.

    Typical Field of Application:

    Ruffling sewing process for soft furniture, car seat, office chair and etc.

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The programmable sewing machine controls the upper and lower differential feeding by program, can sew ruffling effect and finish abutted seam sewing.