Program control, single/double rotary needle bar, compound feed sewing machine | HY-204-281Z, HY-204-292Z

  • Feature:

    • It’s been controlled the frontal sewing, backtacking, zero stitch length and rotary needle bar by the program. According to the pneumatic and combination, it can sew different kind of decoration pattern stitch.

    • Use the shuttle integrate structure, maximum thread is 8X3 webbing thread.

    • It contains upper and lower material compound feed structure.

    • Interior collocation more than 90 of the single and double pattern type for normal used, you can select the pattern type by touch screen, simple and high efficiency.

    • Standard needle guage 10mm, optional part front halving device.

    • It suitable for the pattern stitch of the decoration process for the sofa, carpet, boat sail or any three dimension material.


    Auto Back Tacking
    Auto Trimming    
    Touching Screen Control    
    Feeding SystemPresser foot and feed dog feedingPresser foot and feed dog feeding
    Rotary Hook    





    Quantity of The Needle    12
    Stitch length    0-110-11
    Operation space    310 * 185310 * 185
    Material     Medium and heavy duty materialMedium and heavy duty material
    Max presser foot lifting amount   1010
    Max sewing speed   800800

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HY-204-281Z, HY-204-292Z

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The rotary cutter sewing machine contains upper and lower material compound feed structure, suitable for the pattern stitch of the sofa, and carpet, etc.