Direct drive, post bed, double needle compound feed sewing machine | HY-1780B, HY-1780B-7

  • Features:

    • Extra-large operation space and slim post bed is convenient for sewing high quality topstitch of three-dimension material.

    • Internal direct-drive motor and pneumatic control component.

    • Auto back tacking, pneumatic presser foot lifting, integrated LED light, free-handle bobbin winder and partial clamp device, which make the normal sewing more comfortable.

    • Horizontal large hook, can sew maximum thread of 9 strands nylon.

    • 10mm of standard needle gauge set, pneumatic halving outer foot, balance and compensate inner foot.

    • The alternating amount of presser foot  can be adjusted instantaneously.

    • Three parts compound feed construction make sure feed smoothly and keep the upper and lower material from moving.

    • Application: three-dimension material topstitch process for sofa and car seat.


    Auto Trimming

    Auto Back Tacking

    Adjusting Alternating Amount of Presser Foot Instantaneous by Hand and Knee Controller

    Integrated LED Light

    Transfer Clamp Tension Instantaneously

    Feeding System

    Alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feedingAlternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding

    Horizontal large hookHorizontal large hook





    Stitch length

    Operation space

    335 * 260335 * 260
    Height of Post Bed


    Medium and heavy duty material   Medium and heavy duty material
    Max presser foot lifting amount


    Max sewing speed20200316162202101.jpg@!w120020002000

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HY-1780B, HY-1780B-7

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The double needle sewing with 3 parts compound feed construction makes sure feed smoothly and keep the upper and lower material from moving.