Direct drive post bed type on-off right cutting compound feed sewing machine | HY-1341BVF

  • Features:

    • Optimized design of left hook and right cutter on the basis of cylinder compound feeding, it realize the edge trimming when sewing material.

    • The knife can be switched on or off in product process by the shortkey botton.

    • It can sew maximum thread of 6 strands nylon.

    • The alternating amount of presser foot can be adjusted by hand.

    • Three parts compound feed construction make sure feed smoothly while sewing heavy or  complicated material, and difficult to move for upper and lower material.

    • There are three type of size between knife and needle for choose: 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 5mm.

    • It’s suitable for edge trimming of cylinder material or small material.


    Specification            Icon            HY-1341BVF            
    Handle Back Tacking            


    Handle Adjusting Alternating Amount of Presser Foot            


    Right Knife            


    Feeding System            


    Alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding            


    Horizontal large hook            



    #18 - #23                

    Stitch length            


    Operation space            


    255 * 103            
    Diameter of Cylinder            




    Medium and heavy material            
    Max presser foot lifting amount            


    Max sewing speed            20200316162202101.jpg@!w1200            2000            

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The cylinder arm sewing machine with optimized left hook and right cutter, realizes the edge trimming. Click here to get the cylinder arm sewing machine.