Direct drive, single needle compound feed sewing machine | HY-1510J /HY-1510JF

  • Model No.



    Feeding system

    Alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding

    Max sewing speed 

    2500 s.p.m

    Shuttle diameter


    Applied needle

    DP×17 #18-#23

    Thread size

    Maximum thread 9 strands nylon

    Max stitch length


    Max alternating presser foot

    6.5mm (Manually adjusted by knob)

    Max presser foot lifting height


    Presser foot lifting function

    Presser foot lifting by knee controller

    Presser foot lifting by air

    Auto oil system

    Operation space


    Product Description:

    1. Internal direct drive motor with low vibration, low noise and low energy consumption.

    2. It can adjust the alternating amount of the presser foot by manual through the knob when the sewing reaches the position between up and down step, maximum height is 6.5mm, effectively reduce dense needles, broken thread, broken skin problem and form the prefect stitch.

    3. Powerful and effective feeding system with alternating presser foot, feed dog and needle feeding guarantees trouble-free and displacement free of the fabric, ensuring the higher sewing quality.


    Typical Field of Application:

    Pre sewing and abutted seam sewing process for sofa, office chair, leather products and outdoor goods.


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